Friday, February 06, 2009

Republicans want more tax cuts? Let's try "Trickle Up" ecomonics for once!

The broken Republican record just keeps on skipping, "tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts."

Another 600,000 Americans lost their jobs this week. It's pretty damn clear who will benefit from tax cuts, and its not going to be the unemployed.

The truth is, America is built on "consumer spending." When consumers don't consume, then the house of cards starts to collapse.

During George Bush's reign of terror, the US treasury's coffers were plundered by "tax cuts" for the wealthy. He happily ran our deficit sky high, while exporting jobs. It was war on the middle class.

Not surpringly, the middle class has tightened its belt, and now the world is collapsing around us.

Look Republicans, if we want to revive this economy, your "tax cuts" ain't gonna do it. They never did amount to anything more than a wealth transfer from the poor to the rich, putting a disproportional pain on the middle class. Tax cuts won't put dollars into the pockets of the unemployed. And its not going to "stimulate hiring" -- why should it?? Who wants to hire when the middle class isn't buying?

Tax cuts are not the answer. Nation building here in America is the answer. Its time to try Trickle Up economics.

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