Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goodbye American Airlines, Hello Amtrack. American Airlines to gouge travelers who take a bag

So American airlines wants to gouge passengers another $15 for simply checking a bag? We will add our voice to loud chorus condemning American Airlines.

Have you ever noticed that the airlines are always blameless? "Don't blame us," says American. "Blame expensive oil!"

It seems that Airlines can never be held responsible for their customer relations fiascos, whether its treating passengers like crap, eliminating meals, or holding passengers hostage for 9 hours on the tarmac.

I call this the "Blame it on the weather," syndrome. Airlines have become so used to blaming their problems on acts of God, the weather, strikes.... its never, ever, EVER the fault of management. Never the fault of poor planning. Never a repercussion of lousey service.

For all the inconvenience, for all the "extra time" required to check in, for all the lack of amenities, for all the humiliation of passing through security, for the expense of parking, I would still rather drive. We have to leave home for the airport at least 2 hours before our flight, just to be sure that we can deal with all of the crap of flying.... so right off the bat before we get on a plane, that time represents nearly 200 miles that we can easily drive. Add in a flight delay, the time to collect my luggage and rent a care, and even at $5 a gallon for gas it is still a better deal for me to drive up to 500 miles than to fly. Now if I take 2 bags, thats an extra $30, about half a tank of gas --- go ahead and add another 150 or 200 miles to the range that it becomes more cost effective to drive.

So screw American airlines. Hello small cars and Amtrack.

So go ahead, American. Gouge your customers while providing lousey service. Your day of reckoning is close at hand.

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