Monday, July 03, 2006

Murder of Iraqi Family Reveals the Worst and Best of the US Military

Words can scarcely express how sickened I am at the news of the calculated rape and murder of an Iraqi woman and her family.

As I've noted before, war reveals the worst of human nature. War can turn the nice kid next door into a brutal murderer. These US soliders who conspired in this crime, if convicted, will certainly deserve the harshest penalty possible.

The only grace that I see in this situation is that it was discovered. Someone revealed the secret. Someone else took the revelation seriously, and now the "system" appears to be working. While I America is disgusted, abhorred and embarassed by these murderers, I am also hopeful that this crime and any others will be harshly prosecuted and that some justice will prevail.

Yet this same military and George Bush's government must take a piece of the blame for these murders. The process of dehumanizing the Iraqi people was handed down from the top. Abu Ghraib was one of the purest manifestations of this dehumanization. The rape and murder of this woman, whose only crime was to be beautiful, and her family, is simply the latest manifestation, and probably not the last.

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