Friday, May 05, 2006

King George and Barron Von Kennedy -- Currying Police Privilege for the Political Elite

I've been pegged a liberal due to my recent anti-Bush posts. With Goerge Bush's job approval rating hovering around the price of a gallon of gas, being anti-Bush simply means that you have a modicum sense in your head. However, being pro-Bush certainly means that you're a right wing neo-conservative. To me, at least.

I'm very troubled by the ongoing trend in America to send political "dynasties" to Washington, DC. No matter to me whether it's a conservative dynasty, like George W. and Jeb riding their dad's coat tails to political prominence, or whether its a liberal dynasty, like we're about to see with Hillary running for office, or as we continue to see with the Kennedy family.

Political dynasties, especially those that have been around for awhile, create American royalty. Unlike Hollywood-fame royalty, political royalty does curries political protectionism.

Here's the latest example of why I hate political dynasties.,,11069-2167886,00.html

Here we have Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy's drunk driving crime being covered up by the police. After contacting their supervisors, patrol officers were ordered NOT to administer a breathalizer exam to PK. They certainly would have administered such an exam to you and I. But most certainly because of political connections, it was not.

In America, royal titles are not conveyed, and seats in Congress can not be inherited as they are in Britain's house of Lords. Let's not forget that.

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