Saturday, February 26, 2005


I'll never take my health for granted again, or so I think. The past three weeks have not been easy on our family. It started with the oldest bringing home some kind of cold virus. The youngest caught it, and has been sick since. The daughter was sick for a week (vomiting), then was healthy for a week, then sick again. For the past two weeks, I've also had the aching, coughing, sneezing thing going on.

I finally took the youngest and the daughter in to the clinic yesterday. The pediatrician decided to put us all on antibotics, including me! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the flu season for our family.

My wife works in the hospital, and so is always reminding me that antibiotics do not work for viral infections. She thinks everything is viral. I tend to think everything is bacterial.

Sick days are very disruptive for parents. For me, cancelling appointments and trying to reschedule directly impacts my income. The only good thing about sick days is that they force us to spend more time together, and to slow our lives down.

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